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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by lastairbender View Post
Hey... Mangold wrote on twitter today something about the trailer..

James Mangold ‏@mang0ld @Sleepyrocko_O yes, sleepy. But not as soon as some speculate. We have something strong but I don't want the VFX half baked.

Not as soon as some speculate?? GRR perhaps it wont debut 12 or 14 this month after all... im getting anxious.. give us something (and not another angry Wolvi please)
Here's more:

Alex Townsend ‏@ALEXTownsend6
Super glad @mang0ld isn't the head of Fox marketing. I think we still get a trailer on the 12th.

James Mangold ‏@mang0ld
I'm glad too, Alex. Don't hold your breath on the 12th or 13th or the 14th. Predict all you want, I got the facts on my side.

Alex Townsend ‏@ALEXTownsend6
Damn. Oh well. Hoping it's sooner than later, I reeeeally want to see what you got cookin'. I'm sure it's gonna be good

James Mangold ‏@mang0ld
JM Priorities 1) Make intense film w/ integrity. 2) Don't let marketing drive process. 3) Ignore fear, panic & random dates.

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