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Default Re: The Official Flash Thread - Part 2

Also, as The Flash, Barry is his own enemy in a way from a "business" perspective; Barry's day job revolves around him essentially picking up the pieces of crime's aftermath, being the "cleanup" guy in a way, as The Flash, now he is able to stop them before they happen IF he is fast enough. Like imagine a scene or a day or an hour when Barry heads into work to find that there's nothing for him to do except try to piece together who The Flash is...and he just sort of sits there and scratches his head like "Well [frick] me..." . A scene like that would work well in the movie, I think.


A couple ideas for the suit include, and most obviously, that he wears the suit because it is the only thing he can wear that won't tear, a special type of "unstable" material, maybe he came up with it in college. He wears a sleek, streamlined suit because his body's protective aura will protect it better that way, so maybe the suit is special but isn't THAT special as his "aura" protects it. The suit is made out of nanocomposites bonded with telfon. The Flash also has a police scanner synced into his ear piece that he can pick up only when he is moving at low speeds, there needs to be an explanation for how he gets that device in there and how it doesn't get destroyed when he runs.

Another way to do the suit, and a rather "cheap" one at that, is to have the suit made up of energy and that The Flash outfit is the form it takes, kind of flimsy in a way (and maybe too much like Green Lantern?) but he puts the police scanner device in the ear piece. I'm hoping we can do a little better than that though. Open to some ideas on this one. Of course the other obvious "easy" way is to just do the suit and accept it for what it is, sort of like in Spider-Man where they never show him making the new suit, it just appears. Basically, we want to come up with a clever reason for WHY he wears the suit and do it quickly but satisfyingly.

The strongest idea though, as of right now I think, is that he wears it to be an actual "superhero" or "public figure", inspired by comic books, like he did in the original story. Like it's his public persona and keeps his identity a secret since he likes his job in the lab and makes for a less clunky suit than if he just wore a "mask and helmet", perhaps one of the first suits he comes up with is reminiscent of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Mercury inspired Flash (almost like the Jay Garrick of the new Earth 2 book) so he can keep the police scanner in there (this is a little nod to Jay Garrick in the film and how silly and clunky his costume would look in real life), prior to his perfecting it into the classic, streamlined Flash look.

So basically Barry fights crime with his suit and identity as "The Flash", which he calls himself along with the media.

If they use the costume ring, it's something Barry came up with while in college, a sort of unstable material that expands on contact with air, like an inflatable raft. The suit stabilizes with the energy Barry makes as The Flash, and can be molded into any form he wants, and can shrink down into the ring and expand, thanks to his powers. It fires out and together in little pieces and wraps onto him because of his powers/the "charge" he gives it like the new 52 suit. The ring, even when he is Flash, has no lightning logo on it like it's depicted in some versions.

I always thought that was kinda stupid considering it might give away his identity if Barry Allen is wearing a GOLD ring with a bigass lightning bolt on it. So while the ring has always been one of the more "fantastic" elements of The Flash, to the naysayers that say the ring would never work in a movie, I'd merely like to point out that if 17 year old Peter Parker can make wrist watches with triggers that shoot strands of web to swing from place to place with, then dammit, The Flash can have a ring that shoots his costume out that he stores his suit in (yes, boots and everything).


When The Flash speaks, his voice should sound like speed incarnate, sort of electrical and crackley, but we can still understand him. Just a little "tweak" effect to his voice would be cool to differentiate him from Barry. He also talks a little fast, there could be a funny moment where he reminds himself to slow his speech down when communicating with regular people.

Also, The Flash never walks. He is always seen either running and in motion or standing still, never like slowly walking. Barry walks, The Flash does not.

At some point in the film, probably one of the first times he turns into The Flash with the suit ejecting from the ring (if the ring is even in it, and if it is maybe it shouldn't appear until the end?), he puts the suit on but before running off he stops and looks behind him and sees all his civilian clothes on the ground (which he picks up at super-speed) and is like "duh".

As for the powers, there is always the issue of "if he has super speed, isn't everything in SLOW MOTION to him ALL THE TIME?", well, we're not going to do that, because one, it's stupid, and two, the "slow-mo for everything" has been done to death. This film is going to answer a LOT of peoples questions on what it might be like to have super speed, or what it might be like to be The Flash at least, and by the time the credits roll the audience will have a whole new set of ideas and outlook on how super speed might work. The Flash has "speed mode", which he has to kick into when he uses his super speed (although his subconscious protects him in times of danger and the "speed mode" is a part of it and will take over reflexively in times of danger) - this way everything isn't moving "super slow" to him all the time, only when he wants it to. At first he "kicks into it" as sort of an accident.

The Flash needs to do more than just run fast. They need to establish that he has complete control over his molecular structure and can literally do ANYTHING fast (insert sex joke here). Think fast, talk fast, read (and retain what he reads) fast, see fast, he has complete control over his body mass when he runs, etc, he can become lighter than air or build up tremendous momentum where he seems to be many times heavier than he really is to knock down a powerful opponent or barricade. The audience is going to leave this movie thinking that having super speed is the coolest super power ever, a movie that leaves them feeling anything less not deliver, as far as I am concerned.

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