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Default Re: The Official Flash Thread - Part 2


The film ends with The Flash revered as a hero. Barry asks Iris out on a date, she agrees, and she tells him not to be late. Barry has every intention of showing up on time, and as he is in his apartment preparing for his evening date (in front of a MIRROR), his scanner goes off, the Central City PD is calling all units downtown for an emergency, a bank has been frozen. Barry looks at the clock. It looks like he's going to be a little late for his date after all, story of his life, but this time, its because he chooses to be, he's comfortable with himself. He turns to the camera, releases the costume from the ring, and THE FLASH races off. He runs with the Police cars, slowing down enough to see an officer who glares at him, The Flash waves, and then he picks up speed and passes the police cars and helicopters, runs up the side of buildings, speed jumps, and runs into the sunset. It's the story of his life, it's the life story of THE FLASH. End of movie.

As for who could play The Flash, I'd have to agree with fan favorite Ryan Gosling, who may not be your typical hollywood pretty boy, but he has one thing going for him most those other guys don't have - believability. You buy him as a "smart" person and can take him seriously. So if they don't cast Ryan or he does not want the part, hopefully they get someone else of that caliber/type actor. For a film score (everyone knows how much we fanboys love our movie tracks) I'd suggest David Arnold (Independence Day fellas), James Horner, Michael Giacchino, Randy Edelman, or Hans Zimmer (yeah, he did Batman and Pirates, but he also did Kung Fu Panda and Megamind, he has great range), any of these guys could provide a quality soundtrack.

^^ These are just some ideas of what they could do with The Flash movie. They aren't perfect, and many of them probably need rethinking, but I think it's a pretty good outline of what would make a good Flash film. I hope you liked them and would love to hear your thoughts. I know it's a long post, but a special thanks to everyone who read and stayed to the end. Now hopefully WB gets this running.

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