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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Hm... well this is exciting. Hope it's not a hoax. Someone claiming to have seen a sort of a generic Thor 2 preview in an Italian movie theater, (not the Italian footage that has been talked about before, but if it's true, it's a start! )

see below...

Unicorns Assemble ‏@ItalianLokiArmy !!! @Otty82 just informed us that she has seen a preview of Thor2 in an italian movie theatre with scenes that looked new. Battle scenes and
Unicorns Assemble@ItalianLokiArmy.other scenes that looked like journeys between worlds !!!

they were still "officially" filming at that time. Actually for some reason I remember noticing that Jaimie was coming back to London right around when Zach was leaving around then. LOL

I am curious to see what 2012 Paralympic Games Silver medalist Jon Allan Butterworth was doing there, possible cameo of an injured soldier? Or possibly something for Tyr's missing hand? Apparently he met Tom, Jaimie, Chris H., and Natalie the day he was there, per his twitter. (Dec. 13)
Journey between worlds? Sounds nice!

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