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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by narrows101 View Post
Here's more:

Alex Townsend ‏@ALEXTownsend6
Super glad @mang0ld isn't the head of Fox marketing. I think we still get a trailer on the 12th.

James Mangold ‏@mang0ld
I'm glad too, Alex. Don't hold your breath on the 12th or 13th or the 14th. Predict all you want, I got the facts on my side.

Alex Townsend ‏@ALEXTownsend6
Damn. Oh well. Hoping it's sooner than later, I reeeeally want to see what you got cookin'. I'm sure it's gonna be good

James Mangold ‏@mang0ld
JM Priorities 1) Make intense film w/ integrity. 2) Don't let marketing drive process. 3) Ignore fear, panic & random dates.
I'm ALEXTownsend6. I was shocked me replied to me. I went on to compliment him and say I'm sure he's keeping it on the good track First Class put the franchise back onto.

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