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Default Re: Cool as Ice: The Shawn Ashmore/Iceman Thread

I was pretty happy with Shawn Ashmore as Iceman in the X-films. He could do with attending a gym as some have said but then he was supposed to be a kid in the earlier films so it wasn't really a big deal. Also a fair excuse for him not having the usual souped up Iceman powers. But from now on Iceman needs to be iced up (proper iced up, not frosted over) & walking around in ice form for long periods, even outside of action scenes where it would be obligatory. I'd like to see some imaginative use of his ice powers offensively with ice missiles & mass freezings. Also needs to use ice slides to get around and maybe transport other X-Men around. This is an Omega level mutant dammit, show off those powers!

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