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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

I posted this in another thread... I'm just going to throw it in here as well:

I don't believe this guy.

In 2009, I worked for Marvel in the Editorial department in New York City.

Yes, some people from the Film Studio come into the office... But it's mostly to meet important editors (like Wacker, Brevoort, Rosemann, or Axel at the time), glad-hand, take a tour or pick up research. I met Justin Theroux and Scarlett Johansson during the time leading up to Iron Man 2. However, there are very little if any production materials for the films in those offices. That's just a fact.

So knowing that... I find it very hard to believe that this cat found a detailed outline of Avengers 2, Incredible Hulk 2 and Avengers 3... Like he's claiming to know what act of the films certain things happen... This is the COMIC BOOK production office... Not the film studio in Manhattan Beach, CA. This is highly suspect. The New York Office has a Legal, Marketing, Editorial, Publishing, Merchandise and Sales department... All solely related to the COMICS, not the FILMS.

There are some moquettes and movie theater standees and things like that around the office, but at the time I worked there, these were only of films ALREADY released (Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk) and not of films in production.

PLUS, when you sign to work for Marvel, you sign a non-disclosure agreement. And they were very good with security in the building. (NOTE: When I worked there it was located in the old office on 5th Avenue). But I'd imagine the security is the same. This guy, couldn't just walk in and snoop around. You need to be buzzed in, get a guest pass and you have a chaperone with you when you tour the office. If there is something they don't want you to see (ie. their plans for Phase 2 &3) you are not going to see it.

If he said that he knew what was happening in the comics 6-7-8 months from now... I'd believe him. That **** is pinned up all over the walls... But MOVIE news? At the Marvel Offices in New York City.... No. Just not true.


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