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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

As disappointed as I am at their decision, I think I understand it. I honestly believe if MoS was getting released in May or sooner, they'd have done a spot. I just think they built the marketing up slowly, and don't want it to peak too soon - they don't want word of mouth and anticipation to hit full stride too early.

At 4 and half months to go, they obviously know there's still plenty of time to get people excited about this. Their next trailer won't have to be a $4 million 30 second spot, released at the same time as a bunch of other films, sharing the lime light. It'll be our biggest and best look at what the film is about, and the general audiences interests will sky rocket just at the right moment.

I honestly think the Super Bowl will be the last time were able to say 'what a missed opportunity by WB.' Soon the gloves will come off and this film will turn into the unstoppable juggernaut we want it to be.

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