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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

Soooo, according to el mayimbe, Iron Man gets sent into space at the end of Iron Man 3, only to turn up at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. He got that "scoop" about Iron Man going into space from the image of a toy featuring Deep Space armor. And Hulk also gets shot into space at the end of TA2, only to turn up again in TA3. Hulk gets exiled by the Illuminati, of which Iron Man is a member. Which means that Marvel will jettison two of the most popular characters from its $1.5 billion blockbuster into space willy-nilly.


I was all for the Iron Man in Space scoop because I had speculated about it before LR posted its scoop based on events in IM #55, the first appearance of Thanos & Drax and the toy armor. With this latest rumor I'm beginning to think that LR's space scoops are full of ****. Doing it once would be fresh and exciting. Do it twice in a row and it becomes annoyingly stale. It's hard to buy Marvel being repetitive like that.

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