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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 7

Worse chances than actually realizing I'm referencing the exact same storylines and issues over and over again and know exactly where some of this is leading. But can't say all of it. I have to cast doubt on myself as part of my tricks to keep too many people from reading it all... Or worse yet remembering and believing it all years before it happens... counting on memory to work against some of you, and for me at the same time. So that you forget the specifics...

That's actually not what I want, you to remember it all.
That would be bad.
If i did explain it all in a way that could be easier understood by many.
Instead of just implying things like the connection between Sterns, Red hulk, Red Skull, and Planet Hulk happening between movies... not an actual Planet Hulk movie. But as I've said certain parts of the plan are interchangeable.
These are parts where I've purposely had to follow their model and leave confusion.
Certain parts aren't interchangeable and are set in stone now until we end phase 3 that will form the backbone of a lot of the connections...

If Cabe is in this, then I'm afraid I have to maybe be the first to say
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The gauntlet will be involved in Avengers 2 for sure, and this has narrowed some of the alternate possibilities jaqua was saying I told him about down.I did tell him it could only be Cabe or Wasp as Szostak, but I haven't said here yet that Cabe is for sure working for Sword--even if Tony hasn't found out yet. She's not Shield, Szostak's character is so secretive because whoever she is, right now, she's associated with Sword and has been driven away from AIM and Shield..., I don't know for sure if the test screening info is true or not yet. That could be someone correctly guessing Cabe is one of the two ways that particular character could go... One poster also convinced me she could be Brand. Most likely a combination of Abigail Brand and Cabe if it is Cabe though...

It's a phase, all part in a plan and ever changing.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

If I had been privy to all of the original concepts that my source was it would be a different story. As it stands I can only correctly recall what he told me, which I've mulled over in my head, and repeated in between a lot of my extra stuff... i have a semi-eidetic memory that's a curse and a blessing at the same time. There's another class called eidetickers. Some of the stuff my source saw were actual design concepts being planned for stuff closer to now... If I had personally been there, and not going through his memory of things, I wouldn't have to guess as much. But I can recall and look at everything he refuses to tell me multiple ways and store it in general terms in my head to connect much of it together for a lot of the different character concepts that have been looked at and everything else my source has shared with me. The hints and general stuff as well as the specifics he's willing to share, remember it and look at it in different ways to provide some of the details, in between my own detailed speculation...

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