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Default Iron Man and The Illuminati

Well im sure we all heard the rumour surrounding Marvel's Phase Three plans. To be honest ill be super excited if we do get a Planet Hulk and World War Hulk films... But I'm curious about this whole Illuminati thing.

My mind then wondered back to RDJ's tease about an Avenger cameo and the Post Credit scene in Iron Man. Then i thought wouldnt it be cool if the post credit scene of this film would be the appearance of the entire Illuminati in Tony's new home or apartment somewhere, and let it kinda be a play on that first post credit scene where Nick Fury tells him "You part of Bigger Universe you just dont know it yet".

So for now lets just ignore the whole HULK thing, and lets just discuss who are can be potential members for the MCU Illuminati? And could the Illuminati be the possible thread thats woven throughout all of Phase Two??

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