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Default Re: MCU: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Discussion

Originally Posted by MovieMasterCBM View Post
He deserves one, just whether Marvel will give him one is another question. If TWS sucks or bombs (or both), and Evans' enthusiasm towards the character gets lower and lower, I don't know whether they'll give him a third movie over new characters like BP and continuing to enlarge their cosmic universe.
I really don't know what Evans' feelings towards the character are, but Cap is one of those characters who is "too big to fail." He's vitally important to the Avengers, and is usually depicted as the de facto leader (even though it's a democratically-elected office)....Joss steered in that direction by the end of Avengers 1 as well.

Originally Posted by DocHoliday View Post
Not to mention it looks as if they are going all in on TDW TWS. And Iron Man is any indication maybe two movies is all you need for these characters if there is cross over movies like The Avengers.
How do TDW and TWS look like "all-in"? If anything, TDW is just the set-up for Surtur and the Twilight Sword saga in Thor 3, and as we get more info, we'll probably see that TWS sets up a continuing saga for Cap 3.


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