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Default Re: Rank the 3rd CBM's in a franchise.

I think it's clear all of these films have flaws. I personally believe that of these TDKR is by far the most over rated (people were talking oscar nominations, which is laughable considering how many gaping plot holes it has and bad script writing). X3 IMO is probably the most underrated, mainly due to the complete disregard and killing of major characters (although I find it hilarious that Prof X dies X3 style in A vs. X).

Spider-man 3 is panned more than it deserves, but after time I think it's the most disapointing of the three. I didn't feel that when the film came out.

Superman 3, Superman Returns and Batman Forever are films I wish never existed.

so in summary I'd say:

Dark Knight Rises

The good: most satisfying end to the trillogy, has some faithful hommage to the Knightfall story line, and JGL delivers a great performance.

The bad: Fails with gaping plot holes, Why didn't Fox just flood the chamber? Dr. Pavel is the only scientist to know how to enrich uranium? 6 months go by and they can only trak the truck at the last second? A major city is held by a terrorist and the President sends 3 special forces soldiers and that's it? Bruce makes it back from undisclosed prison to Gotham with just enough time to spare to stop the bomb? Bruce fixes the auto pilot but we see him in the cockpit just seconds before the bomb detinates?

The ugly: Matthew Modine in his dress blues firing a .45 at an armored tank. Cops charging like it's freaking bravehart (apparently none of the Gothem PD served time in the military or have any tactical combat training). Bane's McDonald's drive through speaker voice. Talia's death scene.

X3 - The Good - Kelsey Grammer does and excellent job as Beast, good plot use of "the cure" as a primary plot driver. Nice nods to the fan, including Colossus throwing Logan, and the danger room training scene.

The Bad - the effects for the Phonix force, that it's not a force at all just a part of Jean's psyche, locked away by Xavier. Having Rogue take the cure.

The ugly - killing of Cyclops and Xavier, and using a line for Juggernaught that was based off an internet spoof video.

Spider-man 3

The good: Sandman, both THC's performance, and the special effects. Capturing alot of the comic action, and some great scenes of Spider-man in the back suit. And after all the contraversy surrounding Danny Elfman's deaparture, Chistopher Young's music really sets the tone of the film.

The bad: Too much going on, conflicting plots, too much left to coincidence. Peter just happens to be in the one spot where the meteor hits, Marco just happns to run through a field where they are conducting science experiments in the middle of the night, etc., etc.

The ugly: The dancing and the crying.

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