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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

Here's why I believe this rumor to be some major BS:

1. Mark Ruffalo- He sold the character in a big way, not to mention that he was the number one choice for Bruce by Joss Whedon. A hulk movie is nothing without a good Banner, and this would be two straight films with no Banner whatsoever.

2. Cost- It would also be 2 straight movies of almost all CGI. The only human characters would be in Planet Hulk for all of 5 minutes, and then would be getting their asses kicked throughout WWH. The costs were prohibitive enough on Avengers, I could only imagine what it would be to have Hulk on screen non-stop. And being a solo flick, it probably won't make Avengers money to recoup those costs.

3.Variety- One of Marvel and Feige's big things has been the variety of their films keeping things fresh. But with Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor:TDW both set to explore other worlds, where would be the variety in sending Hulk to another planet to pull a John Carter? Guardians have that territory pretty in hand, and it seems like the films would end up pretty visually similar.

4. Latino Review- First Stark getting sent to space, now Hulk. Seems like they're not even trying with these rumors anymore. They got scooped on Phase 2 after saying Black Panther would be the next Marvel film, so now they all pissy.

Maybe it is right, but at least that's why I hope these rumors to be wrong...

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