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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
Well, I can say that having watched the Superbowl in a crowded Club full of people that everyone exploded and clapped when the Iron 3 trailer was shown. Not a scientific for the country to be sure but that's kind, but a reaction like that to part 3 of a francise makes me doubt that the whole "Super Bowl doesn't matter" rational is totally sound.

I think it was a missed opprotunity . I can understand the cost arguement, but at the end of the day , you can't cut corners when you're trying to promote a film like MOS which is expensive as hell anyway. You gotta build hype for it and you can't assume people will just jump on board because its Superman. The Superbowl was a good shot at drawing attention and getting people curious but, what's done is done.
Obviously there are differing schools of thought among the studios. It was news in 2011 that WB and Sony were going to opt out of showing trailers at the Superbowl. So far they've continued to opt out. Other studios seem to think differently.

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