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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by spidey-dude View Post
not surprised in the slightest if I am honest

I don't imagine it is due to how it actually happened (plus dudeks amazing save) but if Milan threw 05 it will be one of the most upsetting things ever

EDIT: last 3-4 years we're in the clear, now to sit back with the popcorn
I never thought Milan threw that one. They simply thought they'd already won it with the 1st half (they were allegedly already celebrating in their dressing room at half time iirc) and didn't have their heads in the game for the 2nd.

And this match fixing involves officials as much as it does players....(thinks back to Orviebo somehow missing 3 stonewall penalties Chelsea had a few years back, lol).

Remains to be seen if any English teams and/or officials are named and shamed, but I'd certainly take a good look at Chris Foy's finances if I were them (conspicuous amount of 'upsets' when he is in charge, usually with controversial decisions in favor of the underdogs).

I'd think it naive at best to beleive these syndicates have not infiltrated the English league as well, just remains a question of how much and who have they got to?

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