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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
Highest rated Super Bowl broadcast in history.

Way to drop the ball, WB.
Lol. It's funny bc as soon as we found out that MOS was going to skip it, I knew this was going to happen.

Irony of it all is, at the end of the day, the interest it would have sparked would have the internet buzzing with free press and free advertising (Internet news front pages and repeats on local news, so on and so forth) and millions more hits from the unfamiliar on Youtube and other video upload websites. Which would have made up for the $4mil they would have spent on a legit 30 sec commercial.

Now they have to pay for all the extra advertising and that will come out to more then $4 to reach those same groups of people.

*Not to mention that the Super Bowl is broadcast all over the world. According to the NFL, Super Bowl XLI was broadcast to 232 countries and territories worldwide in 34 different languages. This was 6 years ago.

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