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Default Re: Share your wildest dreams for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Poorly explained reason for Young Avengers: The introduction of the Young Avengers not only starts the connecting all the films together all over, and brings back the excitement from those films, but it brings in younger viewers and sets up Marvel heroes for years to come. Eventually, years from now, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and the rest, will have stopped playing the characters and just like James Bond (if they replace the actors with other actors like they plan to do with Tony Stark) there might come a time when the public isn't too interested or is loosing interest. Maybe bringing in new characters like the Young Avengers could help. I am not saying though that that will happen, and I hope not. But I still think that bringing in the next generation of heroes could help the Marvel movie universe too. And also studios like casting young, they originally wanted a 20 something or younger Tony Stark. Maybe if they had a cast of young 20 somethings for the Young Avengers they would fill that need they see in their viewers. I don't know if I am clarifying what I mean. If I am not I can try again.
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I want Ant Man to introduce Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, and have Bill Foster and Scott Lang working in his lab for him. Then I want Hank and Janet, who would be Ant Man and Wasp, to join the Avengers and Hank becomes Giant Man. Then in a solo/spin off type movie, Scott Lang becomes Ant Man. Later down the line, when Hank becomes Yellow Jacket, Bill Foster becomes the new Giant Man.
The whole time Hank, since the 1st film, has been working on an AI he started years ago with Tony Stark (leading to Jarvis) and in an Avengers film he finally finishes it (Ultron). I want Pym to have some serious mental illness like in the comics. He could have schizophrenia or something. During a breakdown he uses his own brain patterns to finish Ultron. Ultron becomes the living embodiment of all of Pym's dark thoughts, hatreds to his team and wife, and everything Pym has tried to hide or ignore. Then Ultron creates the Vision, a sort of grandfather failing his son, but can save the grandson type thing. Vision joins Pym and the Avengers in defeating Ultron.
I would love, but am not expecting it, to have Wonder Man join the team and be used for the brain patterns on the Vision, making them like brothers.
So then you have Hank and Janet, their "son" Ultron, Ultron's "son" Vision, and Vision's "brother" Wonder Man.

Revolving and Rotating Staggered Casting: I would also like to see them not just recast Captain America and Thor and Iron Man, even though they plan to do that with Iron Man for his own movie, I would like to see other Avengers come in when the original actor's contracts are up. So in Avengers 2 (for example) bring in Pym and Janet. Then after Avengers 3 Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and the rest, leave because their contracts are up and they don't want to play those characters anymore. So new Avengers are brought in, She-Hulk becomes an Avenger. Falcon becomes an Avenger, Wonder Man becomes an Avenger, Vision becomes an Avenger, Carol as Captain Marvel becomes an Avenger.
Then when the actors who play Hank and Janet leave fill their empty slots with two new actors playing two new Avengers. Like maybe Hercules.
And again, once those actor's contracts are up and they leave fill the empty spots with more Avengers. Bring in Namor, Black Panther, and so on.
Continue to stagger and rotate the cast (if the actor wants to leave because their contract is up). Like Law and Order, a cop would leave, be replaced but you still had the two lawyers and the chief and the other cop, but then later the DA would leave and maybe a lawyer would leave, but you still had the rest of the cast. People would leave and new people would come in, but not all at once.
Eventually the film could have Bucky as Captain America, once Evans leaves even, and Thunderstrike as the new Thor (maybe or not), War Machine in place of Iron Man, She-Hulk instead of Hulk, Swordsman in place of Hawkeye, the blond Black Widow in place of Natasha, etc.

I would love if the Fantastic Four became part of the Marve movie Universe. So that we could have a scene where Reed, Tony, Hank, and Banner, are all talking about science.

I'd like the MMU to at least be able to have mutants in their movies, like Scarlet Witch and Best, so they can become Avengers.
And I would like She-Hulk and Namor and Carol Danvers and other Avengers to be brought into the films too, it would be fun.
Briefly Captain Marvel:
SHIELD, because of Thor, Loki, and the Hulk, and the alien invasion from Avengers, creates SWORD. SHIELD's agency that monitors for aliens and prepares for defense against them. Director of SWORD if Agent Brand.
Another SWORD agent, formerly a SHIELD agent and formerly a pilot, is Agent Carol Danvers. She runs into and teams up with Kree alien Captain Mar-Vell who is on the run from Yon-Rogg and his team of soldiers who claim Mar-Vell is a war criminal for fathering a child with a Skrull woman (Teddy) and that is why he ran to Earth, to protect him. The truth is that Yon-Rogg wants to get Mar-Vell out of the way and kill the Kree/Skrull child. (the baby never comes into play, never shown in the film.)

In Ant Man it is mentioned, shown, something, that Lang has a daughter named Cassie. In a later film she is kidnapped by criminals from Lang's past criminal life, and he has to become Ant Man to save her (with the aid of Bill Foster).

Isaiah Bradley was one of the soldiers, along with Bucky, that Zola experimented on with his own version of the Super Soldier Serum. He passed his genetically super powered genes on to his son who passed them on to his grandson Eli.

Kang the Conqueror is one of the villains used in an Avengers sequel, anyone from Avengers 2 to Avengers 12).

In the Young Avengers movie Iron Lad brings to team together to fight the return of Kang, he brings in Teddy/Hulkling (son of Captain Mar-Vell and the Skrull princess), Cassie Lang/Stature, Eli Bradley/Patriot, and Hawkeye, Wiccan, Speed, and Vision 2.0, and the rest.

Quickly, Spider-Woman:
Jessica Drew is a triple agent, she works for Hydra as a spy in SHIELD and is spying on Hydra for SHIELD while acting as a Hydra Spy in SHIELD. She was genetically altered and turned into a super powered being like Captain America or Hulk, but works as a highly trained assassin/spy like Hawkeye or Black Widow.

Marvel movies should also open a new branch, the spy/espionage thriller movies. Like Bourne movies, or Mission Impossible movies, or Patriot Games, Salt, etc. The spy movies are gritty and darker than the usual Marvel films, but also include things like LMDs, super powers, psychic spies, etc. These films include characters like Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Abigail Brand, Sharon Carter, Captain America, Spider-Woman, etc.

Young Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD, a film that takes place during 1960/1970 and stars a young actor (20 something) playing a young Nick Fury. He was a soldier during the Vietnam War and comes home unhappy. He is found by SHIELD agent, and old veteran Dum Dum Dugan, and brought into SHIELD as a rookie. He also meets the Contessa there too. Fury is trained by Dugan and becomes his partner/friend. Fury excels and becomes SHIELD's top agent. But he looses his eye and his hair starts to gray on the sides.
The film fills in the gaps of what happened between Captain America 1 and Iron Man 1. Where did Hydra go after Red Skull vanished? What happened to the soldiers in Cap's team? (Answer is they became SHIELD.) Other stuff like that.

Marvel starts its 15 min film intros. Before each Marvel film we get a short film introducing other Marvel characters that maybe wont get their own film, or characters who could but the studio is still unsure. For example Luke Cage and Iron Fist in "Heroes for Hire", the 15 min film starts with them fighting a group of AIM or Hydra agents in down town New York. We don't get full origins, just see the character(s) in action using their powers or demonstrating their skills. Letting the audience know very quickly who they basically are. The episode ends abruptly, for example Luke Cage and Iron Fist save the day by defeating all the bad guys and rescuing the thing they were stealing. And we could see them at the end getting paid for their services.
They could do this for Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Nova, Dr. Strange, Namor, Deathlock, Werewolf by Night, and various other characters. 15 min shorts, like how Pixar has a short before their movies, or how they used to show cartoons before films in theaters. The actors used, the FX used, almost all of it, could be fixed, altered, replaced, if and when they actually use these characters in final films. These 15 min shorts would just be to introduce the characters to the public. Get people excited. Get kids to want to see more Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

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