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Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
Blake knows that the whole Gotham City believes that Batman has sacrificed himself to save the City, Yes ?

Blake Knows that a statue of Batman has been placed in the Gotham City's Town Hall by the mayor.

So, why many people believe that Blake was going to be the new Batman, I believe that if Nolan wanted to show that Blake is indeed Gotham's new Batman, he would have shown a Batsuit coming out of the Batcave platform.

Batman telling Blake to wear a mask and handing him all the resources to Batcave means that he wants Blake to become a new vigilante (Nightwing ?)

I think that Nolan wanted the Bat legend to end with TDKR.

Showing the Batsuit coming up would have been a little too obvious for Nolan's taste, I think. It's up for interpretation of course, but the rebuilt Bat signal and Blake being swarmed by Bats, seeming to embrace them, are some of the suggestions he will be a new Batman. I think the point is that the Bat Legend is everlasting, Bruce changed things forever. Blake deals with the film's generational theme. Ra's notes there are many forms of immortality. Blake taking the mantle makes Batman more than a man and immortal.

And in response to the original posters remark: there were no ordinary citizens that fought back, only the cops after Batman broke them out. Nolan's Batman world is not very populist. Which might be why we don't see the ordinary citizens being inspired to take back their city. The movie kind of suggests they failed and need Batman to save them. It's kinda problematic for me.

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