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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
Here's why I believe this rumor to be some major BS:

1. Mark Ruffalo- He sold the character in a big way, not to mention that he was the number one choice for Bruce by Joss Whedon. A hulk movie is nothing without a good Banner, and this would be two straight films with no Banner whatsoever.
Oh please. Too much Banner is one of the reasons the previous two Hulk movies failed. A Hulk movie with 70% Hulk, 30% Banner is just right.

2. Cost- It would also be 2 straight movies of almost all CGI. The only human characters would be in Planet Hulk for all of 5 minutes, and then would be getting their asses kicked throughout WWH. The costs were prohibitive enough on Avengers, I could only imagine what it would be to have Hulk on screen non-stop. And being a solo flick, it probably won't make Avengers money to recoup those costs.
180-200 is enough to cover the budget. If they can do GotG they can do a PH movie.

3.Variety- One of Marvel and Feige's big things has been the variety of their films keeping things fresh. But with Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor:TDW both set to explore other worlds, where would be the variety in sending Hulk to another planet to pull a John Carter? Guardians have that territory pretty in hand, and it seems like the films would end up pretty visually similar.
Yes, they want variety but they also talked about expanding the universe. We know an Inhumans film is also in the works. Marvel Studios feels there is a lot of potential the cosmic side of things obviously, and sending Hulk to a different planet is a good set up for him to shine in his own film.

4. Latino Review- First Stark getting sent to space, now Hulk. Seems like they're not even trying with these rumors anymore. They got scooped on Phase 2 after saying Black Panther would be the next Marvel film, so now they all pissy.
Okay...then they came right back and broke the Guardians and Thanos news. For everything you can say against LR there are more examples of them being right than wrong. And we haven't just been hearing about Stark going to space from LR, we've been hearing that from multiple venues and the fact IM is on the Guardians team in the new comic and is in space in his own comic right now just adds credence to that. Not to mention we know about the Deep Space Armor in the film. So it's just silly for you to bring up Iron Man in space as an argument for why LR is stretching.

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
I'm more interested in seeing the Illuminati on film than I am seeing WWH.

We're talking Tony Stark, Black Panter, Namor, Black Bolt and Dr. Strang...

Pym could replace Reed Richards and the Leader of the Alpha Flight Team (Vindicator?) could fill void of the X-men provided FOX doesn't own them as well.
The Illuminati wold be the world security council.

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