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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
How is this too out there? Feige has said himself he can see PH and WWH being adapted and they wanted to take advantage of the Hulk's popularity after The Avengers. I'm surprised at how many people are somehow shocked and perturbed by this.

And as a main focus of the film you'd be right, it wouldn't give the audience anyone to root for. But as just an element of the film that ends in the Hulk rejoining the Avengers and helping them take down the real enemy? It works perfectly.
he didn't say that at all.

He was asked if the hulk can hold a movie. He said he certainly believes he can, but wont be attempted until after avengers 2. He then goes on to simply say, Planet Hulk is a cool story, as is World War Hulk.

however, I can see a planet hulk story being involved in a much bigger plot. Maybe Ultron shows up, manipulates a lot of stuff, and somehow gets the world to turn on hulk, which results in him being exiled. ultron takes over the world. Thor returns to earth, as does hulk, and the all stop ultron.

planet hulk can work. thats all good. But working planet hulk AND WWH into a bigger threat? I just don't think they can incorperate thr wwh side of it, when there is a bigger threat going on.

even with this working, I am still taking it with a grain of salt

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