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Default Re: Gotham City...crime free

I did a little digging, and I guess Grant Morrison interpretation could be relatively closer to that. I haven't reached to read those comics, so I can't say for sure. Here is a little snippet from an interview:

"I also wanted to show a healthier Gotham City too. That whole Son-of-Sam, Rorschach-narration - 'This city is an open sewer where the rats feed on the broken dreams and filth of umm...other rats...where sneering, gnawing urban predators...blah blah...' - has become clich├ęd, tired and unconvincing. If Gotham was so bloody awful, no-one normal would live there and there'd be no-one to protect from criminals. If Gotham really was an open sewer of crime and corruption, every story set there would serve to demonstrate the complete and utter failure of Batman's mission, which isn't really the message we want to send, is it? You've got Batman and all his allies as well as Commissioner Gordon and the city still exudes a vile miasma of darkness and death? I can't buy that. It's simply not realistic and flies in the face of in-story logic (and you know I like my comics realistic!) so my artists and I have taken a different tack and we want to show the cool, vibrant side of Gotham, the energy and excitement that would draw people to live and visit there." Grant Morrison

As far as crime free as it was shown in Rises, I really haven't seen it anywhere, perhaps that is one of the reasons I found the film so interesting.


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