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Default Re: The JJ Abrams Superman script

Just read the script and it was a fun read, but I was very, very happy after finishing that it was unproduced.

The script has good ideas. And isn't terrible. I just don't think I would want to see this film, or it's potential sequel that would see Superman BACK ON KRYPTON fighting a civil war.

I don't like the whole:

- Jor-El kills himself through sheer will and gives his life-force to a dead Kal-El to bring him back from the dead.

- In the "29 Years Earlier" bit, Clark is about 8 and hits a baseball that lands near a "40ish" Lex Luthor. So Lex is 70ish during the current portion of the story? Did the encounter with the Kryptonian soldier effect his aging process? This is never stated and was just weird.

- I wasn't a fan of the villain. (This is a thing that I feel about Man Of Steel as well, no matter how stoked I am for the film, I really want a non-Kryptonian villain from the comics. IE: Brainiac, Parasite, Mongul, Lobo, etc).

- Jonathan Kent's death came quick and was quickly forgotten.

- And the serendipity of Clark meeting Lois at such a young age and then them ending up being the love of each others life... It works in the context of Smallville for the purposes of the show, but not so much for me in a film.

Again... This sounds like I didn't like it. But I did. It was a fun read. I just am glad that we are getting something else that seems a little more traditional.... Like -- I need Krypton to blow up. Superman has to be as much "Krypton's Last Son" as possible.


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