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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man

Originally Posted by moraldeficiency View Post
Ock's reasoning about MJ came out of no where and made no sense. By the logic no hero or villain should ever be with anyone romantically or socially and they should leave their families at once.

Why doesn't carlie mention her suspicions (although it's stupid these are still suspicions at this point) to MJ?

How did Ock live that long and just discover masturbation now?

How much of a joke is the chameleon if he always gets discovered impersonating Peter immediately but ock can be completely out of character, have someone straight up told what has happened but only that one person who was FREAKING TOLD what happened is even a little suspicious? Explain.

Seriously? Seriously? If these are the kinds of questions one is left scratching their head over after reading a Spider-Man comic book in 2013, then I've lost all hope.

All those articles proclaiming that "comics aren't just for kids anymore" are completely wrong, because they totally are.

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