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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by Marv View Post
But see that's the thing, a sequel set in the "present" time wouldn't make sense because said present time no longer exists. It would be like making a sequel to Biff's world in Back to The Future 2.

The present is up in the air now & whatever it ends up being in the conclusion of Days of Future Past, I can't see the studio choosing to follow up on that instead of making a sequel starring the 1973 cast.
You're saying this with a lot of certainty. It doesn't make sense that Fox would make The Wolverine take place after X3 and then completely change the a movie released a year later. It would make that movie seem pointless.

Also if you're going by the comics...when Kitty returned to the future she found that nothing had changed.

This has already been discussed before...but these films take a lot of liberties when adapting the stories that inspired them. I do not expect a very close adaption. That being said there is already one big difference between the comics and what has been described...or many people are assuming what will happen in the film. In the comics the "past" was our present. What many people think will happen is that the catastrophic will take place in the 70's since it was said that the majority of the film would take place in the 70's.

So how does this event that has already happened in the past (because it is part of our past) impact our world 30+ years later? My guess is that the time traveler is the culprit and their actions change the future.

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