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Default Re: The Official Superman Reboot Caption Thread - Part 2

I think someone else posted it first, I just went back a page or two for it.

SUPERBOY: "So I'm having lunch with the guys, there's not much going on, I notice this tabloid magazine, I started flipping through it and unfortunately I hit on this article that, I kid you not, was literally titled ''Uh-Oh! Looks Like Honey Boo Boo Is Really Honey POO POO!'' , and the article went on to detail how they had evidence that the little girl from Honey Boo Boo, who is like 7 or so, is still wearing diapers and they even had so called photographic evidence of the girl getting out of a car with a big red circle drawn around her hips to indicate the alleged diaper. I swear to God I don't know what's more disgusting, a 7 year old who still isn't properly house broken or the fact that a grown man or grown woman actually went out of their way to photograph some poor child's rear end just to sell papers by humiliating her."
SUPERMAN: "What the Hell is Honey Boo Boo?"

SUPERMAN: You know something Bruce? You're not always right.

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