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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by JDonaldD View Post
This thread is an example of what happens when the movies been out for a while and people are looking to hard for nitpicks.
On the contrary, it's just basic logic. The first time I saw the film there were things that baffled me or frustrated me. It's not a matter of spending time nitpicking and over-analyzing long after it's come out, it's a matter of the film failing to be convincing here and there.

When you're distracted by something that seems off the very first time you see the movie, when they can't suspend your disbelief, that's legitimately an issue.

It's fine if you don't but if you don't want to like it, you'll find flaws in everything.
To automatically assume that someone didn't want to like it is uncalled for. There may be a few people who went in as haters, but the vast majority are let down because they DID want to like it and it didn't live up to their excitement and support of it.

The only thing more uncalled for than accusing someone with a legitimate criticism of that is telling them that the movie is only black and white, no shades of grey, and if they don't see it the way you see it, they're just being bratty.

Let's cut that crap out and discuss things civilly.

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