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Originally Posted by the last son View Post
She didn't really abandon him. There was more work to be done. Besides their love for each other felt a whole lot more real than Bruce and Selina, which like Blake was just forced. I mean let's get this straight. Selina leaves Bruce for dead. We are shoved 3 scenes in the matter spanning over what a day and now I'm supposed to buy they love each other?
They were already very intrigued over each other early in TDKR during that masquerade dance and Selina obviously had some feelings when she felt bad for Bruce as he was beaten by Bane because he was more than what Selina had initially thought about Wayne. While obviously rushed, I could definitely sense what the writers were going towards with Bruce and Selina and it was obviously better than the ambiguous nature of Bane/Talia where half thought they were like brother/sister while others thought they were actually lovers or that Bane could never get out of the "friend zone".

And Blake was hardly just forced in as well.

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