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Default Re: "You think you'e the only one who can learn the strength to escape?"

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Absolutely. Myths are meant for us to dive into and derive meaning from. These characters are total archetypes, they're giant walking metaphors. And the films explicitly deal with a struggle of ideals and the power of symbols.

The immediate, plot reason for the line was to set up Talia's reveal. But to say the line doesn't offer a window into a contrasting nature between Batman and Bane, where one had the strength to escape the pit (another giant metaphor) while one didn' forsakes a larger view of the movie and the characters.
Yup, absolutely.

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
Ok lets say Bane never truly escaped, what does that even mean? I mean who cares most people never truly escape. Lets say someone grows up in a rough neighborhood and embraces the environment by choice and gets rich off that, what you think just because they are rich now that they have truly escaped. Most people born into bad situations that they are forced to rise against all in their way never truly escape. There is no way you can. My point was Nolan did not intend it for those purposes
And my point was that it doesnt matter if he intended that or not. Music, film, art can be interpreted in many different ways. 1 guy sees something in a painting that the other doesn't see. A musician tells a fan "it doesnt matter what the song is about, if u think the lyric means something else then ur right too". It's the same with a scene or a line of dialogue.

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