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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by Mr. Wooden Alligator View Post
The best way I can explain it, Rusty, is that Bruce didn't want to walk away from his fight with Bane. Or perhaps felt he had nothing to lose, given his exchange with Alfred in the Batcave and Alfred's fears that Bruce wanted to fail.
The last bit I might accept if it were more strongly suggested, but Bruce didn't seem to agree with Alfred in that scene. He came across as confident and refreshed, not suicidal.

There was really nothing for Alfred to even base that conclusion of him on in the first place, so that scene always felt weird to me, like Alfred was unnecessarily being a dick - which he proceeds to do again later before abandoning him. So much for the awesome, classic 'Nevah'. :/

My problem isn't with the fact that he didn't want to back down from the fight so much as it is that he let himself get so painfully duped into the situation in such an obvious way.

Batman would be far more likely to do some tail work, stay in the shadows, wait for a point of vulnerability, strike out of nowhere.

He also didn't bother trying to escape despite being clearly outmatched - even when he bought himself the opportunity by shutting the lights off.

Also, what was the stupid crackle pellet thing? What was that supposed to do? Make someone blink? He was already bested in the fight, and Bane was looking right at him while he did it, so intimidation and surprise were out the window if that was the idea. Very amateur.

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