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Gary Griffith
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Default Re: Did anyone see 1989's movie in theaters?

If I recall correctly Batman89 opened on my birthday - my 28th birthday! I can remember getting out of work at 3 in the afternoon and rushing to the theater to avoid the Friday night crowds. I was so thrilled to see a "serious" version. Loved Keaton and Nicholson and everything about it. Made me feel like a kid again. Went to see it again the next night with a girl from work who I had a crush on. She hated it, thought it was the stupidest thing she'd ever seen! Suffice it to say that was our one and only date!

The only merchandise I bought was a coffee cup with the Bat-Symbol on it. I still use that cup to this day.

Off topic, but the first film I ever saw I the theater was the 66Batman with Adam West. Yeah I'm THAT old. I remember my Mom taking me to see it in a long gone theater called the Casino, and inside the lobby was a huge display of Batman toys and games put there by a local toy store. My eyes nearly popped out of my head looking at all those goodies! Don't recall the film too much, but I clearly remember that toy display.

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