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I feel like Supergirl is really only good to show the reader a real Kryptonian. She will always be an alien. Clark thinks he's one because of his powers, but he will normally be human. No matter how much he immerses himself in the Kryptonian culture. It's always what he thinks it is. Supergirl would jump at any chance to go home. She is not a successor. Her S is her S. She has every right to her shield as her cousin. It's her family crest. She is her own superhero.

Superboy though is different. He is bound to the planet earth. He is a blending of two species. Earth is his home and origin. He is Supermans successor because Connor could be anything he chooses to be. But everything he does is in reference to the shield he borrows. It's all about identity with this guy. I also think a father son story line would be perfect. Pa Kent, Clark, and Conner.


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