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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

Iron Man III: 330 million domestic.-Iron Man was already a big franchise before Avengers and this won't be any different. It'll do slightly better than the first two but won't be a vastly bigger performer due to the 2nd film not being as good.

Thor the dark world: 225 million domestic-Thor's release date makes me nervous. Isn't it two weeks before the Hunger Games sequel? That movie is gonna have a lot more hype than thor(hate to say it). If it had a better release date, i'd say it could easily do 250 million but 225 is where i'm placing my bet right now. Hell, it could end up not even breaking 200. All depends how big Hunger Games is.

Captain America the winter soldier-240 million domestic-For now, I think Cap's sequel will outgross Thor's only because Cap has more breathing room from other, bigger flicks and it's got the added bonus of having Black Widow, Shield, etc and other stuff from the Avengers movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy-120 million domestic. I think it's a lock for 100 million as long as they make it known to the general public that this is part of the Marvel slate that leads to the Avengers sequel. After that, it will depend solely on how good the film is and how much hype they put behind it. I see it going as high as 150 but no higher.

Avengers 2- 545 million domestic. Could have the Dark Knight Rises effect. I.e. it'll still be huge but may only hit 500 million as opposed to 600. Unless it's even bigger than the first and totally dominates unopposed that summer but if Star Wars Episode 7 and Justice League really do drop that summer as planned, I don't think it'll be possible for Avengers to do something crazier(like a 700 or 800 million).

Ant Man is part of phase 3 but I see it doing 100 million as well. Maybe 150 million if people can get past his odd super powers.

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