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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Hindsight is a ***** but lets look at it.

Bane constructed the cage to counter Batmans little grappling trick. There are limited number of areas to hide and Bane has mercs ready to shoot are guy down.

Now first off Bruce is sorta out of his prime shape and he's cocky. He is not ready for Banes strength and resistance to injury. Bane can take what Batman can dish out.

Bane get's Bruce angry and doesn't let up. Batman is hitting as hard as he can and Bane isn't even stunned. Bane is letting Batman tire himself out. As the fight goes on he is mentally breaking Batman with his failure.

Bane meanwhile is making shots that count. He's getting in some serious head shots and prime areas on the chest.

Batman throws gas bombs because honestly they have worked in the past. Bane just keeps looking forward.

The fight goes on and Batman is getting tired. Bane chokes Batman and that's making Batman dizzy.

At this point Batman is just gone. He's not making the shots that count.

Then the darkness. Again this is Banes cage. Bane also seems to be able to see in the dark(and of course is trained for this combat). Batman can move around all he likes but he's got nowhere to really go. Also he probably intended to get Bane in a choke hold.

Now the the fight is basically over. Bane knocks Batman senseless.

Folks are talking about Batman being on the defensive or escaping. Banes cage prevents that. Bane puts Batman down in five minutes. In the moment, Bruce has rarely been beaten in a fist fight as Batman. His pride cost him the fight. That's really there all is to it. Some of you guys are thinking that Batman is Spock and he works on pure logic and no ego.

Now in the next fight though Bruce changes the game. Bane doesn't control the battlefield. He's ready for this fight.
Batman does what Bane did. He lets Bane take all the shots. He covers himself. Bane is stronger then him, he knows this now. But now Bruce is aiming for that damn mask. He's reducing the advantage Bane has. Bane punches the pillar but all those shots are to Batmans heavily armored arms. Bane isn't getting in all those head shots. Batman is also letting his speed aid him.

Again the first fight isn't just that Bane is a better fighter, it's that Bruce underestimated his foe dearly. He didn't expect to be fighting someone more fierce then Ra's.


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