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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Although he was reckless. He only thought Bane as a mercenary and just went after him while they were on that narrow platform.
Well yeah, that's foolish. Is this a defense or an agreement?

But when it comes to the flashbangs/stun pellets, I always thought that was a way to just distract Bane as much as turning the lights off. Batman needed to rest and get his mind right on attacking, but neither worked as neither effected Bane. Batman was trying to get Bane away for as long as he could, because as we can see, when Bane found Batman while the lights were off, Batman was standing up; I saw that as Batman trying to get it "all together", but his plan was cut off. Batman never had the upper hand and never got focused or his mind right.
We shouldn't have to make up reasons for things that aren't explained well in a film... Even if you're right, they should have communicated it better.

This is where comics have the upper hand in that inner dialogue can express what's going through Batman's mind. Technically, they could do that in the films, but I think they're afraid of it coming off as corny.

I think that fear is probably valid.

And then with the idea of Batman using those darts at Bane...that was something that can work when Batman is invisible. And just throwing a dart at Bane would be foolish because Bane would have simply avoided them.
Really? He didn't bother avoiding the crackle pellets, so who's to say he wouldn't have still just stood there like a tough guy?

Surely the distinction of tiny objects pulled from Batman's pockets being thrown at him is hard to make in micro seconds. I don't think the object being thrown mattered to Bane.

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