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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by storyteller View Post
Hindsight is a ***** but lets look at it.

Bane constructed the cage to counter Batmans little grappling trick. There are limited number of areas to hide and Bane has mercs ready to shoot are guy down.
Batman has taken out armed mercs in the dark before.

In the same movie.

Now first off Bruce is sorta out of his prime shape and he's cocky.
Not a logical thing for Bruce to ever be, in my opinion.

I realize he's been written this way before, but it's never made sense.

Batman throws gas bombs because honestly they have worked in the past. Bane just keeps looking forward.
When did they ever work in the past? These are hardly 'gas bombs' anyway - or 'bombs' at all.

The only other time he ever used this explosive powder on screen was mimicking Ra's' demonstration while training with him - once.

Batman can move around all he likes but he's got nowhere to really go.

Folks are talking about Batman being on the defensive or escaping. Banes cage prevents that.
This is not true. Throughout the fight you see water flowing. It's an open sewer.

He could have escaped the same way Gordon did. No grapple necessary.

His pride cost him the fight. That's really there all is to it. Some of you guys are thinking that Batman is Spock and he works on pure logic and no ego.
Ideally, yes. He's that smart and mature deep into his career (which is where he is in Rises). Ever hear the term 'Bat-God'? :P Or 'prep time Batman'?

He obviously exhibits this near-super ability of logic, ingenuity, and planning ahead in other ways throughout the trilogy, so it's surprising all that goes out the window for one measly fist fight.

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