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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by catintheengine View Post
I have to respectfully disagree.

You claim that others are not considering why a Planet Hulk movie would work. I've love to hear an explanation, because I don't see any realistic way that it could.

From a story standpoint, you're looking at a vast departure from anything that has been done thus far. You're taking a character that has, traditionally, not done particularly well in solo films and putting him into a solo film in a setting that not one audience member can relate to. Unless there is going to be a lot of Bruce Banner character study, your audience isn't going to be able to relate to your main character for most of the movie.

That brings me to the logistics angle: For a Planet Hulk movie to work appropriately, you're going to be racking up the bill on the CGI department. You're looking at a HUGE financial risk on Marvel's part, considering that the Hulk has yet to have a solo film perform to the level that they want to see.
Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Alright had time to think about this and it makes perfect sense with a few conditions:

1. The MCU version of the Illuminati is the World Council
2. They use the Ultimates 2 plot thread and have them ship him off because he's being accused of killing hundreds of people
3. WWH is only an element of A3 and not the entire focus.

Given that, I think it's a great route to go with the character. The reason everyone loved Hulk in the Avengers was because it was fun watching him kick Chitauri ass and hit Loki and Thor around. With a Planet Hulk movie, instead of having him chased around by the military, we can watch him pound on aliens and conquer a planet. It creates the opportunity to have a movie that plays on the comedic and high action value of the Hulk, something we haven't had in a Hulk movie yet. It would be like Kratos from GoW. Has the potential to be gold if done correctly. Zach Snyder for director!
Post I made in another thread summing up why I think it's a good idea and natural progression of the character. Also I don't think that second caveat I mentioned has to be strictly followed, though the other two do. I just mentioned that because it would be a nice way to tie the 616 and Ultimate universe plots together, like they did in the first Avengers movie.

You're right that this movie would require a hefty budget, but I'm willing to bet that Marvel is willing to bet on the Hulk. I think a large reason general audiences have such fond memories of the movie is due in part to the Hulk's scenes and Marvel realizes that.

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