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Default Re: 2012 Major League Baseball: Showdown!

Originally Posted by NewYorkSpider View Post
I think A-Rod played his last game for the Yankees. I also really don't see any big ball club signing him in the forseeable future. Given his past, the recent allegations, injury/age and his poor playoff performances, it's hard to argue he would be an asset to a top notch team.
Yeah, its kind of sad for me because he was my favorite player growing up and I was a big Mariners fan, and I even went on to root for the Rangers until I realized they were complete crazy when he was with them. But even though his arrival in NY made me root for my hometown team, it has not been a great 8-9 years. With the exception of his MVP and championship ring, his time here as been nothing but negative and it probably wouldn't be the worst thing anymore if he just ended it.

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