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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post

I think it would be limiting if he can only shrink or grow. I like how he can do both in the cartoons.

He can do both in the comics, too. He just prefers the BIG version of Pym because giants are strong and powerful and very, very visible.

Personally, I think the ideal balance for the movies is just to make Pym Giant-Man and Janet Van Dyne Wasp, and then forget about the character of Ant-Man (Lang or Pym) altogether. It's simply a question of powersets: make Hank the grower, and Janet the shrinker. If you add Lang as Ant-Man, or make Pym Ant-Man, then you create a redundancy: why have *two* --- or even three --- shrinkers?


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