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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by georgec View Post
Had Ledger not died, I would have expected Nolan to take the third film in the direction of "Dark Victory", the sequel to "The Long Halloween", which is more or less an all-out war between the freaks and the organized criminals.

But I still think Bane and the LoS would have come to Gotham, and that would have been the primary storyline anyway. Only that he might have recruited Joker and some other criminals to maintain order, or create some kind of new anarchist government.
Good point. If Nolan was still directing (let's face it, if Heath had lived and was guaranteed to return, Nolan might have passed on the 3rd movie. Leaving Bale, etc to work with a different director/villains) i think Bane and Catwoman would still be the center of the plot.

But who knows if he would have set it 8 years later or just a year. Dark Victory could have been an option. "Arkham Asylum" as well. A bit of "Prey" thrown in for good measure. It sounds like the way to go with Joker in a minor role. I doubt there would have been some Joker/Bats fight again, just a small confrontation. And maybe a setup for Dick Grayson for the next director.

There's a great big chance that Nolan would pass on number 3 to avoid repetition with the Joker (had Heath lived) and a new director would have chosen someone other than Bane and went more comic booky.

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