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Default Re: The Thea Queen/ Willa Holland thread

Thea may well die. I know a lot of people say they won't kill off a big star and the focal point for CW's teenage audience, but they would if it was written in from the start as a major plot point and the actress has only agreed to a season (possible given that she's cutting quite a career so far), or decided to quit. It's always MUCH more of a payoff in these kind of shows to have a dramatic exit (and basically a whole free episode) than to just let a cast member leave. As you saw with the female cop old friend of Ollie's who miraculously appeared out of nowhere, but is like she's been in it from the very start, characters can be easily brought in to replace any that might leave.

Thea strikes me as the kind of character that could be killed off to add depth to other characters. Imagine Tommy Merlyn killing her, what that would do for his character. What it would do for Roy Harper, and Ollie and Moira's characters.

I think the family thing comes to a head at the end of season 1. I think Tommy Merlyn takes his dad's mask before this season is done too. Not to say there won't be melodrama all the way through the shows life, there will. But Moira's secrets aren't going to stay secret for much longer etc. Thea will have a romance, and maybe something bad happens to her for the sake of Roy Harper's character. Personally I think she's here to stay, but I wouldn't rule out anyone dying in the first season, this is the time where they will kill someone off just to give Amell's character more depth.

On the subject of Willa Holland, what a cute girl, and the actress seems really nice in interviews too. Very likable.

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