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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 2

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
Why just on the trunks? What are the reasons superman wearing the red boots? He can’t fit his shoes in to disguise. Man doesn’t wear red boots. It looks tacky. Why red cape??? It’s neither for protection nor flight. It’s troublesome in fact. Why dark blue tights??? Why not white, black or gold???
Simply put, To explain the suit / the trunks is wasting the precious screen time. Because people will still complain and not buying the explanation.
Yes. If the trunks ever get reestablished, best bet is not to allude to them or try to “explain” them. Just move on. As noted, the only good rationale for them is tradition. But characters within the story (obviously) don’t have access to this meta-perspective. So don’t burden them with implausible (or impossible) “trunks exposition.”

On the flip side… I think some folks imagine that getting rid of Supes’ trunks puts him on some kind of slippery slope. If you rationalize that item away, then everything else must get tossed out by a similar “realism logic.” That’s not the case at all. As mentioned before, audiences have no objection to superheroes wearing distinctive “uniforms.” Witness the overall (cinematic) success of the genre. The convention has been firmly embraced. Why boots? Well, apart from Hulk, these characters have to wear something on their feet. And boots are a better choice than Keds or loafers. Why does Thor wear a cape? Well, he’s not from around here and his people happen to sport this fashion. So up to a point, these details are sufficiently obvious that they need little-to-no justification or explanation. Arguably/allegedly, the trunks are in a different category. They are (by pop culture accident) a conspicuous accessory - and would seem to require particular validation. And since none is possible… bye-bye trunks.

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