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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
You said Batman isn't reckless, but he was in TDKR towards Bane because of how he viewed Bane as someone who's only some mercenary.
I'm saying making him reckless in TDKR was counter to the logical progression of the character. There's no sense in him being reckless in TDKR, it's a poor interpretation.

I don't think it's making something up. I mean, he uses the flashbangs/stun pellets and almost right after turns the lights off. Why else would he use such tactics that would distract Bane?
Other possibilities have already been discussed. Surprise, intimidation, getting an edge. None of which hold up to scrutiny without making Batman look like he's behaving amateurly.

Needing to regroup is the only possibility that can't be dismissed, but it's also not very suggested. The movie paints it more like he's being desperate than buying time.

Difference is that stun pellets are only meant for distraction. The darts would do more.

Again, the difference is a dart that puts people to sleep, lol. But who knows, perhaps the dart wouldn't have worked on Bane anyways since he had a high tolerance level.
You're missing the point. There's no way Bane would have been able to discern what Batman pulls out of his belt in the time it takes him to throw them at him.

He realistically would have no idea what was being thrown at him. And I doubt he cared.

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