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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper & Gifs/Avvy Thread II - Part 2

Originally Posted by Team Andino View Post
It made about the same flash as the one Ra's showed Bruce during the training sequence in Batman Begins, and if they're not the same then why did Bane quote that exact line Ra's used when Ra's spoke of the flash bangs as distractions?
They are the same as the tool from Begins, but that powder wasn't a 'gas bomb' or a 'smoke bomb'. It was flash powder.

So Batman put it into pellets, which is fine (and I find it a pleasant throwback), don't get me wrong. It could confuse or scare the pants off of somebody... provided it wasn't somebody that just owned you in a fight and didn't just WATCH you pull it out of your pocket.

Bane had no reason to be confused or intimidated by such a petty, desperate trick. He had him on the ropes, and was watching everything. No element of intimidation or surprise could POSSIBLY be conjured from that.

The only sensible/non-amateur reasoning for him doing it that remains is to -guess- that he was trying to buy a few seconds to regroup, as Anno says.

To me, that's kind of reaching, but the possibility does help me feel less embarrassed about the moment.

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