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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

Originally Posted by MasterOgami View Post
I suppose to uncover the true nature of what was occurring in the sequence we could go to the script.
Good call, again. Where did you find it??

I'll agree that it would've been nice to see some cars roll to a stop, but I don't think it was necessary (and probably would've thrown off the scene's timing).
I think the scene needed a bit more padding, personally. Even just a handful of seconds.

There are a ton of elements of the film that needed more time though. This is one of the less important ones, but I figured it was worth analyzing for the sake of understanding.

Food Guy drives the rear bike. He looks back -
Waaaiiit wait wait wait wait wait wait.


streetlights explode behind him - darkness catching him up.
The engine chokes and dies. The Trader jumps off, shouting
for the cops. Food Guy turns, pulling his gun. SMASH! - Food
Guy is thrown backwards off his bike by a dark wing as
BATMAN races by on the Bat-Pod.
Well, there we go. Issue resolved. Needed a bit more visual communication, but you can't argue with the script.

Janitor’s bike sparks and dies. Sirens as Cops move in,
Another bike splutters and dies - the Hostage breaks for
Janitor. lol

This is the bike the rifle was fired at. It didn't spark and die as the script says.

It drove off for a considerable amount of distance, and then the camera cuts to Batman's rifle being shot by the cop for a few seconds.

Next time we see him, the cops have apparently stopped him.

I don't remember seeing a second bike spark and die during this bit, either. Must have been cut.

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