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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by 04nbod View Post
Sucks for Cap. Iron Man and Thor get oscar winners, he gets the annoying one from Everwood.
Here's the thing, though: Cap gets the girl who is actually superheroine (or at least action heroine) material. Betty Ross, Pepper Potts and Jane Foster might all be lovely award-winning actresses, but they're just damsels in distress. Cap's girl gets to go on missions and kick ass right there alongside him; and I believe Vancamp is in it for the long haul. Marvel tends to hire TV stars for their recurring lead roles, as oppposed to bigger film stars for the supporting and villain roles. That says to me that she was hired for a multi-film contract.

Which also says to me that Sharon Carter isn't *necessarily* who she's playing. The suggestion has been made, not by me, but I think it's a card that still can be played: Vancamp might be Carol Danvers.


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