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Default Re: Rank the 3rd CBM's in a franchise.

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That was enough to post.

Spider-Man 3 does have flaws but clearly is the best of the number three films. Stumbling because a film is overambitious beats a poorly paced and badly written film that coasts off the greatness of its second installment like TDKR. SM3 could have played it safe but choose to try and jam too much in to the story. It still delivered some good stuff. You honestly can't say that about TDKR.
Catwoman/Bane >>> Venom/Sandman

TDKR had a superior script and better characterizations of the regulars.

Anyone who's seen both films can HONESTLY say that TDKR is superior.

"We'll never see Day-Lewis and Kubrick, we'll never see Kurosawa and Eastwood, but we have officially seen Bale and Nolan, a cinematic dream pairing come to life!"
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