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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Because Nolan wasn't into making a third movie until they were able to create a story that was 8 years later with Bruce older and concluding his story. Im saying there's a chance that he would have wanted to use Joker in a significant supporting role (or lead) and would pass on it because he would fear repetition.

If Ledger was alive, the 8 year Dark Knight Returns may or may not have happened. And that was key to Nolan returning one final time. But no matter what, Bale was obligated to do a third and Ledger was obligated (so i hear) to do another.

We just dont know. Im speculating that's all.

Goyer may not have brought Bane to Nolan either if it wasn't for their mentality of "no Heath = no joker".
I think you could just be over thinking this. Using Joker again would probably be something Nolan would want to do and could still go the route of the 8 year gap and what not. Bane being the mutant leader and Joker being used could've been such a more epic version of TDKReturns but in Nolan's universe.

Originally Posted by Schrute View Post
Damn, this movie gets worse after each viewing. Feel like I had to try and convince myself that I thought it was a very good movie but just can't anymore.
That sucks for you.

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