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Default Re: Question Regarding Batman's First Fight With Bane

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I'm saying making him reckless in TDKR was counter to the logical progression of the character. There's no sense in him being reckless in TDKR, it's a poor interpretation.
It is the logical progression when Wayne is kept out of the "game" for eight years and when he returns, he suspects everything to be easy this go around when he has never faced an enemy just like Bane, who's story was mysterious up until this point as Bruce only suspected Bane to be a simple mercenary. At least Alfred had some idea that Bruce should be careful since he's not in the shape that he used to be as Batman.

Other possibilities have already been discussed. Surprise, intimidation, getting an edge. None of which hold up to scrutiny without making Batman look like he's behaving amateurly.

Needing to regroup is the only possibility that can't be dismissed, but it's also not very suggested. The movie paints it more like he's being desperate than buying time.
If my suggestion is the only one that can't be dismissed, then I would think it's also the best way to think of it, wouldn't you say? Lol.

And desperation can still be Batman trying to regroup. He's desperate in the battle to try and regroup against a foe that's outmatching him every step.

You're missing the point. There's no way Bane would have been able to discern what Batman pulls out of his belt in the time it takes him to throw them at him.
We have never seen Batman throw something such as a batarang straight to someone, but with Bane having being stronger, faster(and smarter in the first round), I could see Bane dodging whatever sharp object Batman would try to throw his way.

He realistically would have no idea what was being thrown at him. And I doubt he cared.
Very true, but I would have still liked to have seen something similar of Batman trying to throw a sharp object at Bane and not just some pellets.

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