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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by Super Film View Post
People act like they are such purists when it comes to the comics, Rogue being included in that. So how can it be that they demand Rogue be the Rogue they remember/like (which by the way, isn't the only way she's been since her inception) and then are so whole heartedly for skipping around Ms. Marvel.

"She was a crappy character because she didn't say 'sugah' and chuck something over her head."

I'm all for Rogue displaying a wider range of abilities in the films and I'd love to see her flying and punching through walls. But that's not the sum of her character and I believe that X1 and X2 portrayed her beautifully and naturally and set her up for something great. So let's get her flying, let's get her tearing the head off of a sentinel, but let's not pretend that that'll be the moment the films rang true for her character.
Because they cant do Ms Marvel. Probably ever and Rogue never started off with her more villainous origins. So if they skipped through most her origin and we cant even see a character because of rights issues then whats the point of arguing to see it?

I think shes a bad character adaptation cause she is far different personality wise as well as her use of powers, and I know she is capable of being more interesting and joining in the battle. Right now shes boring, whines, hides on the ground during attack,used as the damsel in distress in X1, occasionaly kisses people and thats about it. Thats just not all Rogue has to offer. She was adapted into a much too fragile character like Raven in FC. But hey if you think shes legit then thats awesome. Wish I could think the same.

The Women of X Men are some of the strongest female characters in comics and its a shame they havnt really gave them much justice in the films. They should be owning the franchise.

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